Sunday, July 5, 2009

I love me some home cooked meals!

Remember how I told you about my fun friend Linda coming to visit? I am so excited to cook for her, but she’s a REALLY good cook so I'm a little nervous too. I am trying to do semi easy things so I won’t be in the kitchen all day… heres a look at what I have planned.

B- Breakfast sandwiches (sausage, egg and cheese on an english muffin)
L- picnic at the aviation museum (Frito pie in its own bag- fun for kids)
D- Lasagna, green beans, and rolls
*- cheesecake

B- scrambled eggs with cheese, toast
L- lunch out at Lanes packing company
D-cook out hot dogs, baked beans, chips and homemade hummus
*- peach cake

B- egg in a hole with sourdough bread
L- peanut butter and jelly with carrots, chips and hummus
D-hot salt chicken legs, celery with peanut butter, biscuits and leftover beans
*- chocolate chip cookies

B- oatmeal or cereal
L- drive thru for lunch or sandwiches at home
D- Mr. B’s smoked pork butt with corn casserole and homemade focacia bread
*- nutter butter banana pudding

B- chick fil a breakfast
L- Whistle stop café
D- wherever we want…. Its mom’s day!

B- cereal or oatmeal
L- PBJ or leftovers
D- pizza

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Brandi said...

Seriously, I'm trying to diet . . .