Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

What are you doing for July 4th?

I hope you’ll be careful if you go out. I also hope you'll say a prayer for the state of our country, for the leaders and the men and women that serve to make this country free. I know we will. I know that before we dig into our big meal with our best buds, who by the way have and DO currently serve our country that we will pray and thank God for America and the freedoms we have and for the future of our country too.

our 4th of July plans are simple.

We’re staying home with our bestest friends and partners in crime Bat Girl, the Shadow and Dusty. We are going to cook out, swim and hang out all day long together. We’ll probably do a lot of laughing, we will certainly do a lot of eating and I’m sure we will take a nap or two!

I’m certain that our boys will play video games, ride their bikes, swim and probably even watch a little TV.

Bat Girl and I decided to eat at Chik Fil A for lunch because our local Chik Fil A is having a special promotion that whatever you buy on July 4th you can get the exact same thing the next week with a proof of receipt. I see this as a buy one get one free kind of a thing! We love chicken, we love Chik Fil A so we’re totally game for it!

So we’ll go out for lunch, but for dinner we are making…. Drum roll please….

Presenting the I love America menu featuring:
Smoked pork butt (Mr. B’s of course)
Grilled corn on the cob
Potato salad
Green bean bundles
Apple pie
Jello cake
And probably cookies

SEE! I told you we would eat and celebrate! Last year Kid4 and I made flags together and handed them out to our neighbors, it was fun and a nice way to meet new people. I think this year her and I will take little flags and a bag of cookies to our neighbors. If July 4th is all about this country, shouldn’t it also be about our neighbors…? I love America!

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Hey,I like the new header pic and the blog face lift! Cute!!