Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a little elbow grease and you can have "H-O-M-E"

I saw something (cant remember where- a blog? a book? a magazine???)

I loved it.

I needed a cheap piece of art for my basement.

So I had an idea. (insert lightbulb here)

When decorating my home I have tried really hard to use things I already have- old windows, frames, furniture, pictures of kids, you name it, if I own it I am using it.
(thats a little cheap decorating 101 for ya)

I have a cute walk out basement and although I love it, I haven't given it enough attention. I have focused my attention on the main floor and the girls rooms... my basement has gone virtually untouched until...

this weekend at ideafest 09'

Mr. B. worked so hard to help me complete a few projects and work on the beasement so it is more live-able, more enjoyable and a place the kids will hang out in more.

back to ideafest

Mr. B. cut a big ol' piece of wood into 12x12 squares and with a little sanding and a little paint and a little more sanding and then some letters....

We made this!

I'm thrilled, I love it! It's just the thing that my basement needed.

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Brandi said...

Cute, cute! Look at you being crafty!!! No, I'm down on the Gulf, but my SIL is in Jacksonville! I'm hoping our Fall trip to McDonough will take a little side step over to Jacksonville because I will be the proud owner of a new niece sometime in September! :-) I'll let ya know.