Tuesday, July 21, 2009

apparently Im fat AND old!

Kid4-Mom, I'm getting fat like you

me- oh... okay (really... what can I say?)

Kid4- It's okay Mommy, don't feel bad, everyone gets FAT when they are OLD

me- okee dokeee (SERIOUSLY! What can I say yet again?)

Oh life with Kid4 make for such memorable days!


Brandi said...

It's ok. I'm fat, old, and I have flabby elbows. How are your lungs doing . . . feeling better?

Dot said...

Oh, your Kid4 cracks me up! We all need a 5 year old in our lives! LOL

Once we were wheeling through the grocery store with our cart. A woman in front of me stopped and I stopped behind her. Our then 2 year old looked up, pointed (which we strongly discouraged, but he hadn't learned that lesson yet), and said, "MOM, LOOK! THAT WOMAN IS FAT LIKE YOU!" I would have been happy for him to have insulted only me...and left the stranger out of it. LOL