Thursday, July 9, 2009

entry way woes, wreaths and windows

My entryway has been a little too busy for my personal taste. I talked Mr. B. into hanging 32 pictures of our family in the entry way so that it's the first thing you see when you walk in, but I just never liked it. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it

I didnt like it, it was too much.

I have been struggling with the best things to do with the entry way and although Im still not 100% convinced that this is perfect I do love this wall. (I cant show you the whole think yet, it's not done)

I have one philosophy when it comes to decorating. If I love it, I can make it work in my house somewhere. I loved this window YEARS ago and bought it in Paris Texas on the side of the road. I have used it here and there but this is by far my favorite. I found the wreath at goodwill last week. (Kid2 hates the wreath, I loved it!) I bought the words "Live, Love, Laundry" for my laundry room and haven't hung them yet so "love" has found a new home.
(that leaves my laundry room with "live laundry" and well... thats how I feel somedays, like I'm living laundry)

What do you get when you mix your favorite old window, one "ugly" wreath and a little love?



Brandi said...

Good choice ~ "love" and "laundry" should never be in the same room together!!!

Ashley said...

your RIGHT! "love" and "laundry" SHOULD NOT be in the same room together. I guess I will go with "live" "laugh"and "laundry"...thats better! You're so smart!