Sunday, July 19, 2009

budding divas, blossoming beauties and WHATEVER!

One of my very favorite bloggers is Meg Duerksen, from Whatever. I have been reading her blog for quite sometime now and when I first started I spent days and days reading her archives, she is an amazing photographer, mother and blogger. When Cora Mac became so ill, Meg so whole heartedly hurt for her and her family, her writing showed her true compassion and kindness.

Friends, Meg IS worth reading, trust me.

My favorite things about whatever are Megs decorating, the stories about her children and her amazing photography. Meg does amazing art projects, is a killer decorator and can make a rainbow cake that would keep a leprechaun searching for gold!

Go and look at Meg’s blog, enjoy it, it’s riveting and gorgeous!


I also want you to study the picture of Kid4 above while paroozing her beautiful blog.

WHY does my kid look like a disaster when I let her dress herself and why does Megs daughter Annie always look so cute when she dresses herself? Is it a Kansas thing?

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Dot said...

Disaster?! I think NOT! She is the cutest ever. And that rug really helps her outfit look even more Diva-like! LOL Now off to read Meg's blog.