Wednesday, July 15, 2009

loads of fun

I am going to tell you a little story about Mr. B. I am about to tell you how absolutely cute, totally fantastic and wildly wonderful he is. Are you ready?

When Mr. B. travels he normally does his own laundry at the hotel so he doesn’t have to come home and load me down with loads of laundry. He is a very considerate man; he is also a very clean man which I LOVE about him! He’s not the type that tracks in mud, or leaves a big mess somewhere. When he changes the brakes on the truck he get down and dirty but when he’s finished he puts all the tools away, takes a shower and puts his greasy clothes IN the washer so they don’t get on anything else- he’s divinely clean I’m telling you!

If he only travels for just a few days he does bring home his dirty laundry BUT … get this…. he brings it home folded (dirty laundry)!

Isn’t that hysterical? I love it about him. There’s something so sweet about him being gone for a few days and that feeling of knowing he’s back again by having a little pile of dirty folded laundry in the dirty clothes- I love it. I love his little quirks and funny things, but this one especially cracks me up!

Just an FYI, he does not fold his dirty clothes when he’s home, he puts them in the laundry basket, he never misses, he never has a morsel of dirty laundry on the floor. But I would hate for you to think he is stark raving mad… he only folds it when he travels, I think it’s so that it will fit in that little laundry bag in his luggage easier?? Who really knows? All I know is that’s it’s super cute and I greatly appreciate it!

I’ve been dying to show you but I had to wait for him to travel again.

P.S. Im the messy one in our relationship, one of these days I'll tell you about the shoes lying all over the place... maybe it would be best told by Bat Girl or Mr. B.... ??

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Brandi said...

That is totally cute!