Saturday, April 11, 2009

the trip, poor Chad!

A few weeks ago and what feels like an eternity ago when I went to Mt. Perfect I picked up a friend of Kid1's- Chad. I don't think Chad could fathom how far the drive reallywas, I don't think anyone who doesn't enjoy driving like I do can fathom how far the drive really is... so I worried about this poor boy and how he would react to a long raod trip with BatGirl, Kids 1 and 4 and Dusty. I worried before the trip ever started.

I probably don't have to tell you that BatGirl and I are NOT quiet. We're not only NOT quiet, we're LOUD! I also felt like it would be best if we travelled during the night so that there would be less stops, less feeding, less pottying, less griping, less whining, less of everything. I think it may have made poor Chad nervous to travel at night with us. I told him he would just have to trust me on this one- night is better with many children- TRUST ME!

We ended up leaving at a weird time due to weather. We headed out of town Saturday late afternoon instead of later or Friday night like I had planned. Poor Chad never knew what hit him. He piled in the car, the far back seat and settled in for a long drive.

As the hours past I could look in the rearview mirror and see him wiggling, and moving around trying to make the seat bigger, trying for all he was worth to convince himself that going with us across 5 states was not a terrible idea...

We arrived in Georgia during the night, Chad was a trooper, there was little whinning, less griping, not a lot of eating, some stopping, and much to our dismay lots of pottying! We won't point any fingers (BG).

Chads mom sent me the most thoughtful gift and I was so surprised. I was thinking it was such an honor that she let us have Chad for a whole week, and what an honor it was that she trusted me with her son. She gave ME a gift? I loved it! It was truly such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Don't you love it? Isn't it beautiful? It matches my kitchen just perfectly.

Edit- I don't have a pictureof what she gave to me- trust me -it's CUTE

Chad we had a fantastic time, I'm sure you have learned your lesson about travelling with us, but we hope you'll come again as soon as you can! And really, you havn't travelled with us until we have ALL the kids!

*evil laugh*

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