Friday, April 10, 2009

My girl (Kid2) actual birthday April 9th, yesterday

My darling first daughter turned 15 today. I can’t begin to tell you how we wanted a girl. I wanted a girl for my first baby, and when I found out it was a boy I was so sad. I of course grew to be excited about a boy, and now so happy to have the “older brother” around here.

Kid2 was the baby we decided to be surprised about. I bought all white baby gowns, and brought needles, thread and little pink roses to the hospital. If it was a girl, I would sew on those little pink bows, if it was a boy we would leave them plain white. I brought a little white bonnet and a plain little white hat. I brought a little white thermal knit blanket and wrapped pink and blue ribbon around it. I was so excited.

We went in the morning to be induced and she was born later on that afternoon.

Mr. B. has a bit of a problem with authoritative nurses- he was all Mr. big stuff and decided that he knew what was best and he kept asking the nurse question after question and when she needed him out of her way, she gave him a HUGE shove into the wall. It was so funny. I was minutes from birth and can remember being tickled about that big ol’ hoss of a nurse and my big ol’ boss of a husbands little scuffle! (turns out he was right though)

We were so excited. My parents we’re waiting outside and when she was born our dear Doctor, Dr. Hardin pulled her close to him, and held her in the air with her little bottom covered and said: “Guess what it is”…. We we’re so excited, he asked us again and we screeched laughing and he held her in the air saying “IT’S A GIRL”! We were thrilled and her Daddy cried. He held her all wrapped up in that hospital blanket and I can still see him saying “I love you Angel Pie”. He was enamored by her every move from the day she was born.

For the first time Kid1, my first baby looked so big to me. His hands looked giant and all of a sudden he seemed grown, a big brother, he was 19 months old. She adored him, he was the first person she smiled at, and they are close friends today.

She amazes me with her strong spirit and can do attitude. I love how she’s a go-getter. She has always impressed me and those around her. She is a loving, positive and smart little girl.

Kid2 is a daughter, cousin, friend, granddaughter and niece to many who adore her. She makes us all proud daily and I wouldn’t have any other girl in this whole world as mine.

I love you DEARLY, completely and truly my sweet first baby girl. No matter how big you are, no matter how tall you are, no matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl. There won’t be a day when I don’t love your face, your heart, the whole you. I think you are perfect in every way, every day and I couldn’t have imagined having a more perfect daughter. There are not words to tell you how proud you have made me. I love you my sweet angel pie and I always will.

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Kari Lynette said...

OH what a beautiful picture of the most beautiful young lady!!
Please tell Lauren Happy Birthday from us. I am so sorry we missed it. I am horrible with birthdays, but I now have it marked down in INK!!!!!!!!! I will NOT miss it next year!!

Happy belated 15th Lauren!!! We love and miss you lots!

Aunt Kari & Kelsey