Monday, April 20, 2009

pray! pray! pray!

EDIT- Stellan has had a very rough evening and may go into surgery as soon as tonight(Mon).

Dear Friends,

I am blogging tonight to ask you for something that you probably are already doing, telling you about something that you are probably already aware of. I know that so many of you have prayed your throat dry, knelt your knees skinless and begged God to heal Stellan. I’m asking you again please kneel down today and ask God to see him through his ablation tomorrow morning. I think it’s important to ask God for specific things so tonight and tomorrow I am asking God to give MckMama peace and comfort in such a heart wrenching situation. I don’t even know what else to ask for, I’m not even sure how to be specific about a baby having heart surgery. I’m so sad and worried about little Stellan. I know those of you that know about him are rooting for him and praying for him. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

I remember feeling a similar feeling when Harper was born being worried, dying inside for Kelly and her family. Not sure what to pray for but begging God to heal her and to protect the hearts of Kelly and her husband.

There are sad things happening with babies more and more, through this blogging world we are more united and can see what’s happening around us. It’s not just Mommies losing their babies, its Daddies losing their wives and humans struggling to band together for the good of each other. I think we ARE responsible to pray about one another. There are quite a few babies and families that need our prayers. My nightly ritual is to look at Kelly’s blog and pray for the family’s on her prayer list along with my own list- it can take awhile.

Please take a minute and pray for baby Stellan and the whole Mckfamily- they need us right now. If you have anything orange please wear it Tuesday in honor of Stellan. My family will be wearing orange all day to show our support for this precious little boy.

I also have a friend (N) who had a teeny tiny baby girl (M) on March 31st please pray for baby M, she had brain surgery this afternoon and I haven’t heard how it went yet. Please just ask God for his healing hand to bless this teeny tiny preemie princess.

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