Monday, April 27, 2009

a hole in one

For many weeks I have had my eye on something a little out of the ordinary, but I really wanted it. Most days, I saw this little treasure on the side of the road near our house and needed it. As I drove by and this little beauty caught my eye so many times I could not deny that it was calling my name. It wanted me too.

So, I told Mr. B. this very simple fact- “If you love me you would get that for me”. He made the big man sigh, because he was hoping I would not see it and ask him to get it for me. It’s heavy, what the heck will I do with it, he always wonders that!

So, the day before he left I pulled into the driveway and there it was in all its woodpecker hole in wood glory and we were in love!

It was heavy, it was wet and it was dirty. He got it anyway- He DOES love me!

Isn’t it cute? What do you think I should do with it besides love it?

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