Thursday, April 9, 2009

lets hear it for the seasons

Do you love a certain season? Does one season in particular speak to your soul?

I spent a lot of years in Eastern Oregon as a young child and I took for granted how beautiful winter was. I didn’t recognize how wonderful a snow covered white wonderland could be. I couldn’t conceive that later on in my life I would miss those pure white flurries. I didn’t know I loved the beauty because I detest skiing!

My personal feeling about skiing are about to follow-
It seemed to me when I was young that snow meant skiing. Skiing meant hanging in the air over an iced covered mountain from what felt like a twig, falling off the lift and being kicked by other skiers, freezing, falling, being tied in a knot with ski’s, thick snowsuits and goggles- not my thing! I couldn’t see past the horror that was skiing.
The end (about skiing)

I moved to Hawaii and lived there for a long long time and never missed snow, I never looked back. I grew up enjoying the island warmth, perpetual summer, palm trees, soft sand and blue water. I loved everything about Hawaii and never realized that I missed the seasons until I moved to Colorado. In Colorado I truly admired and learned to love each season for what it was, snow and all.

There is certainly SO much beauty in each season. I love winter because is it pure and white in some places and stark and brown in others. The air feels so fresh and crisp. I adore summer because it is full of sticky faced children, green soft grass, long late nights and grilling until my grill begs for mercy. I yearn for spring because is there anything better than the trees coming alive again after a long winter? The trees bloom in every color imaginable, the flowers poke through the ground as if they couldn’t wait another minute to show their lovely faces, and the weather is heavenly; cool some days and warm others- it’s the best of both worlds I’m telling you. I am enchanted by fall; I stand in amazement every year at the reds, oranges and yellows that suddenly appear from the leaves. It’s like a sudden intermission in the play of the seasons and the leaves change into their most gorgeous costumes for the performance of a lifetime.

Bravo for the seasons. Aren’t they utterly amazing? Let’s thank God for them, he planned them all, every little leaf, every little snow flurry, every little rain drop, every little blade of grass and every costume change!


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