Friday, April 3, 2009

the beginning and the end. Where's the middle?

You may be wondering…. Doesn’t that nut have 4 kids? What in the world happened to the other kids? Let me tell you, pull up a chair, you know how I love to tell you stories!

Our trip to Mt Perfect was very slim on kids and here’s the run down why-

Kid2, our beloved strong spirited dancer of an almost 15 year old daughter has dear dear friends in Colorado Springs that very generously and sweetly fly her to them once or twice a year. She was in Colorado Springs enjoying the mountains, the high altitudal air and fresh snow- lucky girl!

We met her sweet friends when they were in Kindergarten together and Kid2 was a rootin tootin 5 years old. Kid2 was the biggest handful of a kid you can imagine. They loved her always her rotten ways and all. They never minded her frown for pictures or her wearing her nightgown to school because she refused to get dressed ways. They loved her despite her refusal to wear boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. They even loved her when she would refuse to stand in line during field trips and even when she would not write her name on her kindergarten papers. They have loved her always and I suspect that they will love her forever. They are forgiving towards her teenage mistakes and they are truly her second family. We love them for loving her. They are the most generous family anyone could ever hope to meet and I hope she grows to be like them. So she was there, in Colorado soaking up their goodness and bonding with her oldest and dearest friend.

Kid3 did not join us despite being Cody’s best bud, he is still in school. Kid3 ran scared and hid when I mentioned homeschooling him. He shrinked back into the dark corners of the house until I promised he could stay in school. He is a socialite and could not fathom staying home daily with his siblings. He also gets straight A’s and NEVER EVER gets into trouble so I let the home school vs. public school be his choice. He is our kid that truly never lies, hardly ever gets into trouble and we can trust 100%. He takes after my Dad, I wish I could say me…. He did not join us because he was being scholarly at school and hanging out with his Dad. He loved the time alone with his Dad, being an only child, having all the attention- of which he has never had before being the 3rd child.

So only Kid1 and 4 joined us on our trips, which left us much more room than usual for more toys and whatever they wanted to bring… it was a trip with only half of us…

And that’s the story of why I only had the beginning and the end of the kiddos!

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