Sunday, April 12, 2009

name calling

Don't kid2 and her Daddy look SO much alike?! It's nuts!
Kid2 and Mr. B. at the Father Daughter Dance this year.

My Mr. B. and I call each other names- lots and lots of names. Some would say it wasn’t nice. I would say to those who say it isn’t nice- you don’t know us!

After a long day of baking cookies Mr. B. will come home and say “Hello, Cookie McCookerson”

Say I have driven a long night to Mt. Perfect and I call him to say that I have arrived safely. He may say to me “Glad to know you arrived safely Drivey McDriverson”.

Maybe he spent a long day mowing the lawn? I might say to him, “Hey there Sweaty McSweaterson or Mowey McMowerson”

Lets say he fixed my brakes and worked on my truck, I would probably say to him, “Your quite something Truckey McTruckerson”

Sometimes he calls and I might be taking a nap. When he comes home he will probably say to me “I tried to call you today Sleepy McSleeperson”…

So lately I have been calling him “Leavey Mc Leaverson” because he is leaving the country and I am Sadey McSaderson about it!


Life in Oh-me-ha said...

Why does Mr. B keep looking like Youngey McYoungerson and I look like Oldey McOlderson?????

Ashley said...

Christy- for some unknown reason Mr. B doesn't age! He's Weirdy Mc Weirderson... good for him, bad for us girls!

Kari Lynette said...
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Ashley said...

Kari- he left do his his reserve work and he will be back in two weeks... BUT I will be gone the week he is home so it will be more like three weeks till we see each other again- sad sad sad!!

Kari Lynette said...

I don't know what happened to my comment. I somehow deleted it, but I think you saw it first, right? You answered me so yes, duh, Kari, she saw it. You have to forgive me ASH!!! It is all those brain cells killed....UGH, hate it when that happens. We are on the MEND!!!!!!!

How are you feeling?

Ashley said...

Kari- Im finally feeling great. I was not feeling well the first week but much better now! How are you feeling?

Dont worry about brain cells, I could certainly use some more myself!

Love you lots!

Kari Lynette said...

I am actually feeling good and doing great!! Things are really good in my life right now, finally. If I can only find a job!! Lord, the economy is CRAP!!

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I can certainly relate to how you feel. I know you are probably still very sore. You are in my prayers!

Love & miss you!