Sunday, April 26, 2009

awwww.... isn't he nice?!

I have such a sweet husband. I like to always tell people how sweet he is and how happy we are and I have earned the right to do so because we’ve been married 17 years and our marriage hasn’t been all cupcakes and roses. He and I are proud of where we are today knowing that we worked so hard to get here. We appreciate each other more now than we ever did before and I wouldn’t have our life any other way- we worked HARD for it.

He’s been in El Salvador for the last two weeks on Navy business and we missed him so much. Kid4 is a hermit out of her shell without her sweet Daddy.

I have been keeping him informed of the situation with Stellan (surely you know about Stellan?) the whole time he has been gone, he and I have been praying for Stellan. Yesterday I called him and asked him if before he left he would take a picture of Stellans name somewhere in El Salvador to send to McKMama and he did. I love who he is, because he knew it was important to me. Some men would say… wha…? Why…? Who…? But not him. In fact he sent me 6! He is sweeter than sugar, I love him so much. I love him because when I asked to take a picture of Stellans name he knew exactly what I was asking, who I was talking about and didn’t even question. He said “Sure, of course I will”. And sent them that evening.


He’s nice for other reasons too but that’s another post entirely!