Thursday, April 30, 2009

hard to say

Goodbye belonging
Goodbye tree that my children spent hours climbing
Goodbye comforting bumpy road that lulled my babies to sleep too many nights to count
Goodbye tunnel of beautiful trees that gave me a sense of peace in a very confusing world
Goodbye wildflowers that blew in the breeze and calmed my soul when I needed it most
Goodbye familiar paths that led home
Goodbye beautiful downtown, thank you for letting me wander around your streets and find myself too many days to mention
Goodbye little homestead thank you for allowing me to take my vows under your strong roof and large walls.
Goodbye tall hay that my babies ran through until they grew too tall to play.
Goodbye winding roads that I drove to get away from life so often, you settled my mind
Goodbye familiar town, I have loved you
There are not enough words
to describe the feeling of belonging
a place that is sewn into the fabric of my heart
to a place

that I love

Goodbye Mt. Perfect
Goodbye old friend
pictures later

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