Monday, April 6, 2009

sexy food? WHAT?

Have you ever noticed that EVERY SINGLE commercial is about either food or sex or both? Are you shocked at the new Quiznos commercial? Mr. B. told me about this commercial and it went like this-

Him- have you SEEN the new Quiznos commercial?
Me- no?

Him- there is a before 11pm commercial and an after 11 commercial! Neither one is okay for the kids to watch.
Me- WHAT? What are you talking about?
Him- Im not kidding, I wish I were kidding! I saw the one before 11pm and thought it was a little risky, and then I saw the one after 11 and was totally embarrassed and hoping that the kids weren’t up late watching TV!
Me- (a total disbelieving face) I don’t get it!

He showed it to me online and I Was shocked. This one is totally inappropriate after 11 PM, it's inappropriate ANYTIME. I for one am NOT eating at Quiznos again! It’s not okay to sell sex through sandwiches.

I don’t want to boycott TV all together… although I know I should… I need to be like my good blogging buddy Lacy Razor, she is so strong and gave up her TV for the good of her kids and herself. Her ideas about life are so right on- she’s awesome. I should strive to be more like MckMama to, she abonded her TV for the good of her little MkKids… she is so smart. Im not ready to be that smart yet… I like TV! But Bravo for those smarter than me!


Jen said...

I had not yet seen that commercial, but I agree with's completely ridiculous. Have they no shame??? I'll probably boycott Quizno's for a while too.

Kari Lynette said...

I don't eat at Quizno's much and now..............not eVER!!!!