Saturday, January 8, 2011

the sun has set on the murderous muck...

We had a visitor.
He was cute.
He was small.
He was soft (or he looked soft, I didn't touch him)
I had to plan his demise.
I felt sad about it, but THIS particular visitor just isn't safe to have around.

SO the plotting began.
Kid2 went to the store to buy the murderous materials…
(I CANNOT bear to glue something to a glue trap so a glue trap was out)
(I CANNOT bear the smell of rotting tissue so poison was out)
(I CANNOT bear to snap the head off of a little mouse… but…..)
Kid1 planned out the murder…
and we waited…
and waited….

Yesterday morning the murder of a small and probably sweet hearted mouse was carried out. I felt sad, but I don't like mouse germs. I keep telling myself that THIS particular murder was necessary… and thankful that there are not human sized mouse traps because I have certainly been a pesky rodent to a friend or two… what if they set a trap for me?

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