Sunday, January 30, 2011

a fiery date night….

Kid4 and I had a little date night Thursday night. She has been DYING to eat at a Japanese restaurant called ZEN. They cook in front of you and she had these visions of perfectness. So off we went for a perfect and very girly date, just her and I.

She used chop sticks like a pro. She ate everything with chop sticks! Trust me, she DID NOT eat this onion, she was posing! It was such a fun date!

Heres how she REALLY felt- she was nervous about the fire and unsure about sharing a table with strangers- but SO WAS I! We ended us really enjoying each other and have lots of nice talks about how she loved the food, how she loves first grade, how she misses her Daddy, how she loves animals SO SO much and how we HAVE to go back really really soon….

…..and I agree….

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