Thursday, January 6, 2011

family pics

nothing much to report…
we got family pictures before Mr. B. left.
These were taken two days before he left.
Little Kid4 is taking it the hardest, but we knew she would.
He comes back in 10 days for 4 days, and then is off again.
I think it might be harder for her to see him for such a short time… we'll see.
I still need to write a post about having my Kid3 back…
This year is going to be an exciting year… YOU won't even believe it!


Kendall said...

Such a beautiful family! Your kiddos are gorgeous!

Ashlee said...

beautiful family!!

Tara G. said...

How have I not been to your blog in forever?! Yuck- sorry to hear of the deployment because I know what that's all about, but I also know it's important and I'm so thankful for your family's part! Your photos are beautiful and you are a fantastic mama- look at all this LIFE going on!!!! (I've been scrolling backward through the posts!)