Monday, January 3, 2011


Well he's gone.
Let the deployment start...
So in the first 6 hours I heard a REALLY LOUD noise in the basement….
I saw TWO spiders.
a mouse
jumped out of a drawer
down my shirt
AND hopped onto the floor

all along I screamed like a 6 year old girl.
I jumped up and down like a baby throwing a fit
and shouted NO NO NO!
(because you know how mice respond to the word "NO")

I finally was able to actually move while jumping and screaming
Kid4 figured she probably should be scared too.

we both jumped into the chair in the living room.

She said "let me guess…...A spider?"
I struggled for words… I squeaked out "yeah" (I mean- WHY scare the kid?)
she said "OH WOW, gimme your shoe and I'll take care of it"

I laughed because she is SO

I put on shoes, I finished making dinner, I checked out the basement ALL by myself and then I finished what I started… because after all… Mr. B. is gone now and I have to be able to take care of everything… errrrr…. most things….

but can I just say that we have NEVER had a mouse in this house? WHY WHY WHY did he decide to move in now?

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wabisabigirl said...

Seriously, the mouse thing freaks me out! We had some in our basement a couple times until we could figure out how in the heck they were getting in and it grossed me out to no end...I wouldn't even go down there for weeks! You're AWESOME!!