Monday, January 10, 2011

the last goodbye

A friend of our family took a few pics the minute before Mr. B. left for the first leg of his deployment. I love last and first pictures… they capture moments that people often forget to capture. Look at my kids- oh my how they have grown…!

Look at my beautiful girl and her sad smile. She is always smiling but I can see the agony behind that smile. She will miss her Daddy. She already does. Her Daddy was smitten by pink and girly things the minute she was born. They have a deep respect and understanding for one another.

Kid4 wanted a picture of Daddy kissing her to remember him by. I thought this one turned out perfectly. This Daddy daughter pair is so lovely. I have loved watching them together from the minute she was born, he adored her.

This is the last self portrait of Mr B. and I right before he shipped off on to his new adventure… Don't worry Mr. B. we're keeping things all picked up and taken care of around here… We love you and miss you! See you SOON! (but not soon enough)

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