Tuesday, January 11, 2011

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Somehow, for kid4, these shoes seemed appropriate for the weather. I asked her and she said that they were high enough to keep out of the snow… so….? okay, whatever… I let her wear them because she was SO cute in them and heck who cares what you wear into the snow when you only have snow once a year! Sparkly shoes- YES PLEASE!

She also felt it was appropriate to wear a long sleeved night gown into the snow filled day because it was "SOOO warm". She danced and played and sang and hopped in the snow. I don't think she ever got cold. She loved every minute of it and I loved watching her frolic in a winter wonderland….

My snow angel had quite a morning in the snow… a time I'm sure she won't soon forget. Snow days are memorable, they are lovely and good. I love you my little snow bird!

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