Thursday, January 13, 2011

the horror continued...

She killed that little matchbox with a more than likely bad transmission over and over and over as she eeked out into the busy road ahead…

Again, I felt like I should probably give her some confidence, I mean after all isn’t that MY JOB? So, in my most terrified and again high-pitched voice I shout out “D-d-d-DEAR GOD, pah-pah-lease m-m-m-ake it stop”…. And I seriously did not mean to say that. (I wish I were kidding) I really wanted to give her words of wisdom, like calmly saying “you're doing good, just a little more gas and a little less clutch”… but instead I was in full freak out mode now. (Have I told you that I laugh hysterically when I’m nervous?) When I realized I was shouting out things I didn’t mean to say I tried to fix it by calmly saying “honey, everyone struggles when they learn to drive a stick”…. But instead I squeaked out “y-y-y-y-YOUR doing g-g-g-great…. P-p-p-p lease don’t kill us”…. And I was shocked… so there I am laughing hysterically and tears start pouring down my cheeks because I am literally scared to death. I can’t stop shouting, she is shouting and laughing at ME… because as you know I am “such a hoot when I’m nervous”…. I covered my face because at this point I was too scared to even get out of the car, you know since we were hanging out in the intersection and all.

THEN, SHE PUT IT IN REVERSE and hit the gas and I was sobbing… because I don’t think she even looked behind her. It was ONLY by the grace of God that there was no one behind us. I grasped my purse and seatbelt and sat there begging God, or Scotty, to Beam us up, Id take anywhere but here at this point.

Finally, she got that car to move and we sailed toward the other lane. And well…. she looked at me with pride as she sailed off almost into the curb… because apparently her hands and head are controlled by the SAME THING…. I shouted “OH PLEASE …. P-p-p-p-LEASE….. I-I- I-I-I th-th-think you need to watch a little c-c-c-c-closer!

We got there. I cried. I lived. I haven't been in the car with her since.

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