Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sisters, love and notes...

Sisters are so special. I absolutely adore a sister relationship. I thought my baby sister was a straight gift to me when I was little, I adored her- I seriously thought she was mine. I can still think back to her little toes and just see them in my mind. I still see her little fat feet after being shoved into her little pink Sunday shoes and how those little fat spots bulged out of those tiny shoes. I can still see her flaming red hair and her tiny gorgeous smile. Sometimes I close my eyes and think of her when she was tiny and I just cry because I wanted her to stay little forever… those kids- they grow.

My girls are NO exception! They mostly adore each other. They worship the ground my Big Girl walks on, we don't see her often but when we do, they are in heaven with her. My sweet sweet kid4 waits for Kid2 to get home from work so they can paint their toe nails, put make up on each and giggle while sipping hot chocolate. I love the way they love each other.

My Kid4 absolutely ADORES Weezy, she is sure that Weezy hung the moon and tells her daily how much she loves her. Weezy will be going back to the big city soon for school and my girls will miss her so much, I can't even imagine my house without her. Weezy is such a huge part of my heart. I found this note Kid4 left for her the other day and my heart melted- I love the way Kid4 loves others- it's perfect. I love it when people love each other and do kind things for each other. Isn't THAT what life is all about? If we spent all day doing things for only ourselves… what would we be but selfish empty skin and bones?

Love someone, tell them you love them, do something special for them. You'll feel good. TRUST ME!

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