Sunday, January 9, 2011

stress with a little side of spinal tap- YAY me!

(me ready for the spinal)

So I have a weird illness- when I get REALLY stressed out, I get a high pressure in my head. It's a spinal fluid thing. It's weird and it's terrible. I get a low grade headache that lasts for months until it gets unbearable and then Bat Girl drags me to a neurologist…

This time it was a little different, I had my routine eye exam and the eye Dr. was a nervous wreck, stopped the eye exam and sent me straight to a neurologist… it all happened very fast. I didn't leave with the cute glasses I wanted, I didn't leave with contacts… I left with a huge nervous feeling knowing it was back.

(The actual procedure)

So today I had a spinal tap… I did indeed have a high pressure and I am home recovering. Bat Girl is taking great care of me and the kids are taking care of themselves with Bat Girls assistance of course! What would I do without her you ask? I have no idea!

(This is the fluid they pulled off my spine)

So apparently the stress of the deployment, and possibly a mouse sent me straight over the edge… Im better now. Ready to move on without a headache and face this deployment head on!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are better but I hate that had to go through that! We are praying for you guys!

jen said...

Hang in there Ash! you all are In our prayer!