Friday, November 26, 2010

time to get your shutterfly on!!

THIS is one of my favorite pictures of the kids! I LOVE THIS- they were so little!

I love this card from Shutterfly! I think I'll be sending this one out for my cards this year! (minus the family I don't know and plus my own kid's faces ...)

I love to take my children's picture at Christmas time. I have been taking a Christmas and summer picture every year, for the past 7 years, faithfully. I am always excited, even when they’re not, to get them together all shoved up in the car to go somewhere to take a Christmas picture. Mostly they look forward to it, too. Christmas picture time signals a break from reality, a start of the holiday season, and time for just us to talk in the car while we roam looking for the perfect new spot and visit old ones as well.

One year many years ago, I was opening Christmas cards and I opened one from some of our oldest and dearest friends - and it was the most beautiful card I had ever seen! I LOVE the idea of pictures printed ON a card. I felt so out of the loop, all these years I had simply put a picture IN a card- WHERE had Christmas cards from Shutterfly been all my life?

I have had a love affair with brilliant Shutterfly ever since. This year Shutterfly is offering my fellow blogging buddies an offer I, myself, could not refuse! They are offering 50 free cards if you blog about them. Go to for more information.

I want to be sure and tell you that I wouldn’t blog about something I don’t believe in. Shutterfly has been a reliable service that I have used many times. I have had books printed from them, cards, and just regular pictures. The book I created on Shutterfly for my mother-in-law was literally amazing. She cherishes it and I loved making it. Shutterfly is easy to use and self explanatory.

Would a coffee drinker in your life like a vivid, personalized coffee cup? I think I know some that would ... go here to order a personalized coffee cup from Shutterfly.

One year I had calendars made from Shutterfly and they turned out amazing! Our family members enjoyed the children's faces all year! And just when they thought they were finished looking at those little faces.... HAHA... Im ordering more this year! Join me by ordering from here.

GO! GO, my friends, to Shutterfly and create something wonderful, something personalized, something unforgettable today!

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Ashlee said...

I love shutterfly cards! I used them again this year... too bad I didn't know about the blogger promotion! bummer!