Thursday, November 25, 2010

GOT SHOTS? *part 3*

(the "bite" on my thumb)

I recieved a phone call from Mr. B. and it went like this-

me- Hello

him- Honey... (long pause) I received a call from Rick at the health department about your Rabies today...

me- (laughing hysterically) OH' HOLD ON, I have to put you on speaker, THIS is bound to be hilarious!

him- honey he said that Rabies is EXTREMELY RARE in possum carcasses, in fact it's extremely rare in possums period.... so I don't think your going to have rabies...

me- I KNOW Im not going to have rabies (LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH) but the ER would not let me go. They MADE me get the shots, SEVEN SHOTS as a matter of fact. We told them all that rabies was rare in a possum and even MORE rare in a possum carcass!- WE googled it! (and google is as good as any professionals opinion right?)

him- well honey, Rick said you don't have to have the shots, unless you feel uncomfortable and want them just to be safe...

Sooooooo...... I was thinking I will just get the shots to be safe... in case the dead possum who doesn't carry rabies anyway had rabies..... NOT!

I'm off the hook.... SEVEN shots all for zilch... being harpooned by an elephant dart all for nada.... nurse ratched's bad attitude all for naught... good grief!

OH' well. Hey if anyone runs across an animal tooth send it my way... I'm going to try and avoid the rabies for a little while. (possibly not forever though- I'm a little unpredictable that way)

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Anonymous said...

you. crack. me. up!
Can't wait to see Hunter tomorrow!