Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 3 amigo's and bunion's

Tonight when Mr. B., Kid4 and I were eating dinner I mentioned how there is a lot less dishes lately and he pointed out that really only the 3 of us eat now days... *sniff-sniff* my big kids are growing up and mostly gone. Kid1 and 2 work most evenings and Kid3's off at school. Pretty much it's just us 3 Amigo's talking about things that 6 year olds talk about. Tonight we talked about Paul Bunyan and how he is so big he wears a blanket for a shirt and to be honest when she said "how do you spell Bunion (Bunyan)" I was a little worried that she was taking a podiatry class at school that I was unaware of- YUK! (I'm smart like that)

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