Thursday, November 18, 2010


On a scale from 1- 10.
10 being the worst...

I have a STAGE 10 school skipper on my hands, and I'm not gonna lie, I had no idea! To be honest, I mean WHY not just be honest, I think sometimes he COMES HOME and I don't even know it... Here are the facts and also possibly why one of YOU should volunteer to finish raising him.

1. he drives he and Kid2 to school so someone else KNEW he was skipping....(AHEM)
2. If he comes home, I think he parks next door
3. I DID NOT even notice his car
4. He obviously drops Kid2 off and DRIVES AWAY
5. the school HAS called... I don't check my messages
6. DUH- of course he's a skipper- he's ME!

SOOOOOOO...... anywho...... this stage 10 skipper can't miss ANYMORE days of school. WE JUST STARTED school people! REALLY? Is it possible for a stage 10 skipper to go to school till the end of the year without skipping one more day?

Please take him, come to my house, take his stuff and give him a home, a place where someone might realize he's HOME, might SEE his car and might check their messages!

Here's what you'll get if you take him off my hands... He is really polite, seriously, he really is. He is helpful when asked several times, he really likes little kids and plays with Kid4 for hours. he can cook, he won't, but he can. He might clean your car out? He will track something in on your carpet, but once he does he'll take his shoes off from now on. He's a hard worker, never studies but is sweet as candy, seriously, he's a nice stage 10 skipper!

good luck, email me for pick up times!

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Brandi said...

LMBO! Ash, he sounds wonderful, but I'm going to politely decline. Oh, I'm so sorry, but this cracked me up.