Friday, November 12, 2010

"a huge beer"

Bat Girl borrowed white wine for a recipe the other night and sent her husband down to get it. I sent the wine back with him and then she called and said she couldn't open it. I admittedly have HULK hands and often close things or in this case cork things WAY too tight. So I was heading her way when I met The Shadow (her husband) half way with a cork screw. So i walked back with him because I felt like I could probably open it when she called to say she got it opened. So I walked back home to finished my dinner. This is how the conversation went with Kid4.

Kid4- The Shadows here.
Me- AGAIN? I wonder why?
Kid4- I don't know, let me see.
Me- (I was looking out the window but he was leaned down petting my dog and I couldn't see him) Are you sure, I don't see him.
Kid4- yeah, don't worry he's just got a HUGE beer for ya!

She cracks me up!!

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Anonymous said...

love you, Bella!