Monday, November 22, 2010

a hair bit disturbing...

Hettie from NCIS L.A.

Kid4 from my loins, GA

Do YOU see a similarity in these two? Im nervous because Kid4 wants to have bangs again and now that I am an avid NCIS L.A. watcher I realize that Hettie and my little darling Kid4 have a HAIR IN COMMON? Tell me Im wrong? PLEASE tell me I'm wrong! Last year I thought short bangs were a good idea, I think I may have been wrong. I'm going to let her have the bangs because she is so cute, but I'm not cutting them THAT short again because well... it's changed how I feel about Hettie on NCIS. At least now I know what Hettie and I's baby would look if we had decided to have children.... ;)

(This was one of many of Kid4's self portraits last year. She LOVES to take her own picture. Self portraits of a 5 year old are hilarious!)

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