Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'll take phobias for 150 please Alex...

I have phobias, I have weird phobias, I have normal phobias too...

HI, I'm Ashley and I have phobias...

- you COULD NOT push me into stepping on a man hole.

- you COULD NOT force me into touching a spider, seriously!

- you WILL NOT witness me stepping on a crack.

- I have a REAL problem with leaving the country.
I have a secret fear of being stuffed with cocaine and being sold in Mexico... (HEY- theres a LOT of room to stuff here people!)

- I just CANNOT get on a cruise ship because I have a little thing called PARALYZING FEAR of ship water!

- I try my hardest not to fly, I don't like to breathe recirculated air and being stuck in a VERY SMALL space is just not my thing!

- I don't swim in public pools- I mean DUH

- I don't drink out of water fountains- EW!

soooo.... I have phobias- SO WHAT.

SO IMAGINE my surprise when sometimes my curiosity takes over and I touch things... like ear plugs laying on the ground... WHY oh WHY would I have leaned over and touched this? AND WHY OH WHY are they laying under my tire?

SO if your missing your plug or plugS- call me at 1-800- GAH-ROSS and I'll let you know where I saw them.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Eeeeeeew! Ash, you crack me up! I will not go on a cruise... too many people mysteriously fall off of those ships. The fear of being stuffed w/cocaine made me LAUGH!