Thursday, December 17, 2009

This morning Kid4 said
Her- I can see the moon…..
Me- yes, that’s the moon alright.
Her- is that where aliens live?
Me- oh… that’s what some people think.
Her- I think they DO! I wish I could speak Martian!

Do you ever feel like your kids ARE speaking “Martian”? Do you have days when they ask you things that you can't answer? Some days I feel like my kids and I are speaking a totally different language!

Here’s an example

Kid4- Am I going to dance on the OTHA day?
Me- Tuesday is the day you go to dance.
Kid4- The OTHA day?
Me- Tuesday is dance day
Kid4- do you mean the OTHA day?
Me- TUESDAY, tomorrow… not today!
Kid4- so- the OTHA day?
Me- Yes honey, the “otha day” you’re going to dance.

And she’s happy.

Here’s another example

Kid4- can I change my birthday?
Me- nope.
Kid4-but I reaaaaally want Juuuuuulyyyy!
Me- Kid4 it doesn't work that way (the searching of the brain for a good way to explain it begins) Honey, your birthday is the day you came out of Momma's tummy and we can't change THAT day. It's your BIRTH day, not just a party day.
Kid4-why not because I want too.

me- Well honey, it's a day that YOU were born. It's a certain DAY, it ALREADY happened, we can't change it now. God picked THAT day for YOU!

Kid4- what if God changes his mind about my birthday?

me- well.... I guess if GOD himself changes your birthday then I guess we will change the date.

Happy again. conversation over.

Are THEY Martians? Do they speak "Martian"? Hmmmm….. the mind reels…..

Here's another good example-

Any kid of mine- can I drive?
Me- HA! not so much

CRAZY, I tell you, CAH-RAZY!

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