Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a painting for my mom

I found the most creative blog while searching for a gift I could make my mom. I wanted to paint my mom a silhouette of the Nativity for Christmas on a little canvas, something she can prop up and use at Christmas.

I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it but I googled “Silhouette of the Nativity” and stumbled upon the artist woman. Her ideas are lovely and the way she shares them are brilliant. She uses good pictures and explains it all so clearly. I spend several hours searching her archives and soaking up her good ideas.
I went with her Nativity scene and painted it on canvas for my mom. I loved how it turned out and I think my mom will have it for years and years. Aren't handmade gifts the bomb?!

The most wonderful thing about my whole discovery is that she is also as sweet as can be and emailed me back such a nice email giving me permission to post a picture of my painting using her idea. Go visit her blog, she’s full of goodness.
Thank you Artist Woman!

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