Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Never a dull moment"

Bat Girl and I have had a day, that’s for sure! Our day was full of poop, mud, clay, one alcoholic and a partridge in a pear tree. (I wrote this earlier this week)

“Never a dull moment” is what Bat Girl said to her husband when he asked how our day was. She’s so right- there is never a dull moment with us. We headed out this morning to pick clay up from another town, took the truck mudding because my GPS so smugly thinks she knows where she’s going and picked a drunk man off the street after narrowly escaping being hit by a passing car.
This morning we were chased by pit bulls. I don’t want to make this out to be more than it is, we never got out of the truck but it WAS scary- have you SEEN Cujo? We picked up 100 pounds of clay after the Cujo incident and wanted to find the nearest bathroom due to the best Dr. Pepper ever that we sucked down. My know it all GPS decided to take me down a dirt road that turned into a mud road from all the rain yesterday. We went mudding for the first time today and finally made it home.

We worked at the school, we worked at home, we worked and worked. The little darling baby that I am keeping pooped on Bat Girl when she sneezed while getting her diaper changed.

After an evening at the grocery store Bat Girl and I were on our way to pick Kid2 up from work at the studio and as we turned left we saw an elderly man fall into the road. I thought for sure he would get back up but he couldn’t. I was in a panic because the other drivers weren’t seeing him. I stopped my truck and jumped out, ran in front of 2 cars and almost got hit myself. When I reached the man, I realized he was very VERY drunk! I helped him up and walked him to a curb near my truck and asked Bat Girl to call the police because this guy couldn’t even walk and I knew we couldn’t leave him there. He was such a sweet little guy and just begged me to help him across the street to Pizza hut, I was afraid he’d get hit by a car if I left him there and he tried to leave. The funny thing about this story is that when the police got there Bat Girl noticed blood on my neck and let’s just say- I’m not good with germs. While I was helping him I had wiped blood away from his forehead and was pretty careful not to get it on myself.
I got some anti-bac and BatGirl so carefully was wiping at my neck and she was saying “it might not be blood, it’s a little dark looking” really all along I was feeling AIDS seeping into my body through my neck and freaking out inside… she was scrubbing along when I remembered I just had a cookie … long story short it was a chocolate chip! We laughed so hard because she knew I was really secretly freaking out!

We rarely have a dull moment together and I love every moment we have- mud in my tires, drunk old man and all!

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