Sunday, December 13, 2009

and the award goes to.......


Oh my…

So I’m the worst parent in the world.
Let me give you some background before I start telling you this story.
Kid1 was SUPPOSE to be home. I thought he was home.
That should be enough background for now.

Mr. B. was out of town and I was headed out to pick up Kid2 from work, she works at the dance studio. Kid4 asked if she could go with me, but I said no because she always falls asleep in the car if it’s after 5 and she goes to bed at 7 so a nap at 5 would be a very bad idea…

As I left I told her to go find her brothers downstairs and hang with them until I got back. I got into my car, I pulled out of the driveway, I turned down the street, I passed Bat Girls house, I left our neighborhood and headed to the main road that takes me to town to get Kid2 and I had a very bad mom feeling.

I called Kid1 on his cell phone to check on things and there was no answer. I called Kid3 on his cell phone to check on things and there was no answer… I then called our home number and Kid4 picked up (remember she is 5 and not suppose to pick up the phone). She answered in a very little and scared voice and this is how it went-

Her- “Hello”
Me- “Hi, can you give the phone to your brothers”
Her- “well… that’s the problem… I am home alone”
Me- (in a louder panicking voice) “Give the phone to your brother, he is probably in his room”
Her- (in a smaller more scared voice) “I checked his room, he is not there, I am home alone, I hBoldave looked everywhere”
Me- (in full panic mode) “KID4 there is NO WAY that your home alone! Your not old enough to be home alone (incase she was wondering)!
Her- “I know, but I AM home alone. I’m scared, should I go outside?”
Me- “NOOOOO! Just don’t move, I’m coming back…. Don’t worry…..”

SO…. She was home alone probably only 6 or 7 minutes but I was freaking out and so was she. Thank goodness I was able to talk to her while I turned around (like a madwoman I might add) and got back to her.

WHERE was Kid1 you ask? Kid3 had found “the coolest underground water system in our neighborhood” and Kid1 just “had to see it”. He thought for sure “I knew he was leaving”… yeah, not so much.

Now I can never say “of course I wouldn’t leave you home alone… has ANYONE ever left you home alone?” Now that’s all shot… to you know where…. I actually left the kid home alone…



wabisabigirl said...

I am CRACKING UP! Poor thing!! I love it..."should I go outside???" No, I have not done that...YET.

Erin said...

I am sorry this was such a horrible time fir you BUT
it is wildly funny!!