Monday, December 21, 2009

A dream come true

Kid4’s got her very first American Girl doll today. It’s such an exciting thing to choose an American Girl doll. Kid2 has several American Girl dolls and each one was a special event.

On Saturday Kid4 saw an envelope with her name on it in the mail and quickly ripped it open before I could stop her. She was so excited to find money in a Christmas card from my sweet mother in law. I felt sick because I knew it was Christmas money and really it was meant to be opened on Christmas morning. She had no concept of how much would buy what and really just wanted white chocolate (she has a strange affection for white chocolate). After much talking about what she might spend her Christmas money on I asked her if she wanted an American Girl doll like her Sissy and she thought it was a perfect idea!

The Girls, me, Mr. B, Bat Girl and her husband, the Shadow all packed up in the car Sunday and headed to Atlanta to pick out her new lifelong friend. She was excited the whole drive and as soon as we got to the store she rushed in. They had only one ‘just like you’ doll left. We grabbed it and then looked around a little and enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful dolls.

We did do some other shopping and enjoyed being together today. We had a lovely lunch, a fun drive and a perfect girls day with a dream come true.

She named her Tracy. Welcome to our family Tracy, we love dolls around here!

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