Saturday, December 26, 2009

How was your Christmas friends? Ours was great. It was a different kind of Christmas this year the kind where there aren’t 4 kids ripping open gifts. Its was more big things and less little tiny cute little kid things. I miss the old days but am learning to embrace the new days, the days with older kids who want something big instead of many small things. There wasn’t so much paper and tape this year but there was just as much happiness and cheer!

Kid1 picked out a car years and years ago that he wanted. He has been dreaming of a 1991 Honda Civic. Mr. B. found a GREAT deal on one so that’s what he got for Christmas. A sweet friend of ours let us stash it away at his house while we anxiously waited for Christmas day. Last night Bat Girl and I picked up the “new car” and enjoyed zipping around in it. Kid1 was thrilled this morning and is totally head over heels for his new ride!

Kid2 has been dreaming of a pair of custom made converse, made by her of course. She has made pair after pair on and this year I signed into her account and had her very own creation delivered for Christmas day. How thrilling to see your very own creations come to life!

Kid3 has like most boys dreamed of Xbox games this year. He is going to marry his Xbox I just know it! He got the Xbox game he chose and many other things he also enjoys. A 13 year old boy is not the easiest to shop for. I would tell anyone that asked to run to your nearest game stop and load up on things to thrill your 13 year old!

Kid4 was dreaming of so many things. She has been dying for the swimming doll AND a swimming rescue pets dog. She also wanted squand, and this and that and so many things. She was tickled to unwrap a rescue pets dog, the swimming doll that I stood in line for hours for, and many other things. We all loved watching her open her toys and the thrill in her eyes when she saw her new white rocking chair from Santa. There’s something so magical about watching kids give the things they picked, the thrill of knowing they are thrilling someone else by giving. There was something so amazing about the excitement in her eyes while she opened her own gifts.

We had a lovely Christmas and it’s also Mr. B. and me’s anniversary so we had an extra lovely day knowing we were spending yet another Christmas together with our babies.

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