Saturday, December 12, 2009

piercing palooza

My rotten darling little bossy 5 year old girl came home from school today and said-

Kid4 - Mama, ALL THE GIRLS at school have their ears pierced! Kelsey, Hannah, Naiah, ….. Lindsey, McKenzie…..ALL of them! They pierce ears at the mall!

Me- Yes they do! Would you like to get your ears pierced?

Kid4- YES!

Me- remember how I told you it hurts? Are you okay with it hurting you?

Kid4 YES!

Me- Did you ask your friends if it hurt them and how bad it hurt?

Kid4- NO, I knew you would say that! I don’t want to ask.

Me- it’s okay with me if you get your ears pierced but I just want you to know that it REALLY REALLY hurts for a little while and then it goes away.

Kid4- I WANT to do it, please please please??!

Me- okay! Lets do it. We’ll do it tonight!

She did it! She was so brave. (I was extremely nervous)

I have a few rules when it comes to my girls getting their ears pierced. They have to ask for it and want to have it done. It’s also okay with me to get ALLLLL the way to the mall and change your mind. Two more important rules are 1. I’m okay with crying, I understand it hurts but there is NO kicking and NO screaming 2. once you have had one ear pierced you MUST get the second done. I always explain this all in great detail before we start.

I almost cried when she had it done! I was so sad to watch it hurt her. She sat in Kid2's lap and buried her head in her sisters shoulder when it came time to do the 2nd one. She certainly cried a little but she didn’t kick or scream. She did end up totally thrilled with herself! It was such a treat to see her be so happy! She keeps singing over and over “My ears are pierced, I have pierced ears….. la la la la … pierced EARS, pierced ears!” It’s so cute! It’s the best thing in the world to watch your daughter be so thrilled with such a personal decision!

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Brandi said...

Awww, she looks so cute! My niece just had hers done and she's about Kid4's age. Her mom had the same philosophy... they have to ask for it. Sometimes I'm a little glad I don't have any girls, but that didn't stop Bubba from asking if he could get one of his ears pierced. Um...NO!