Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bat Girl and I were leisurely driving along Friday blindly following my bossy GPS going through a neighborhood I had never seen and admiring it when all of a sudden there was the most beautiful sight.

I know your thinking, fawn and her babies’ drinking water from a stream or something like that, but my friends this was a different kind of beautiful sight, a freebie kind of a beautiful sight! This was a porch in someone’s trash. It was columns, porch railings and all the things a girl could want right there being thrown away. As we passed it I said “could we use that for something?” We kept driving while we discussed the wonderfulness of the things we could do with our new found treasure and decided to turn back.

Bat Girl and I were not quiet or quick about loading it up but the previous owners didn’t seem to care. We got it all loaded up and let me be honest here, it wasn’t easy. I mean really people; it was 2 columns and a porch railing! Poor Bat Girl hit her head on it several times and once I came to a hard stop and feared for my sun roof!

After loading, unloading, painting and repainting, hammering, nailing, blood, sweat and not a single tear our preschool home center is in full rock star mode! Our preschool is coming along so well. Bat Girl and I are like the parents of a newborn baby, beaming with every inch of it’s bright walls and learning tools for our new preschoolers to explore.

Opening soon….


Brandi said...

That is SO cool! You guys are really creative! :)

Erin said...

i love the leopard rug!!!

jen said...

LOoks great ASH! Love it all especially the porch!

wabisabigirl said...

Oh Ashley, that is SO beautiful! I would love to send my kids there!!!