Monday, September 8, 2008

We are not promised tomorrow

Last night Mr. B’s co worker died in a tragic motorcycle accident. We are not promised tomorrow -someone said to me. That’s so true. Is that what we live by? Do we actually live each minute and end each day like there may be no tomorrow? I’m not! I’m going to try harder.

Poor Mr. B he is so sad. He was her boss and she was truly the light each day at work. She was sweet and positive and knew how to do her job perfectly. She was not a complainer, she was so efficient. He is sad on many levels. He is out of town and working from another state for this next two weeks and I think that made him even wearier. To handle everything from so far was obviously hard on him. I just feel so sad for him.

Mr B. and I had recently asked this co-worker to dog sit for us and she fell in love with our dog. Our dog is a huge lab-German Sheppard mix and we hate to have her cooped up in the house so we let her keep our special dog (she had a farm with dogs and horses). She was an absolute animal lover so I went out late last night and picked up Missy(my dog). She obviously knows something is wrong she has moped around all day. Dogs are so intuitive. I feel sad when I look at her knowing that they both loved each other so much.

*note to self*
We are not promised tomorrow- something to think about

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