Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Man Legs!

I took my son to the orthopedic doctor this morning and realized something. He has man legs! My son, my little tiny (16 yr. old) oldest boy has MAN LEGS! When did this happen? Have you ever looked at your kid so many times that you just hardly see him growing? I often think I see the kid too much and for some reason missed the man legs!

The Dr asked him to lie on the table and I was at the other end sitting there like the mom of a teenager does at a Dr’s office…. Awkwardly! Anyway, there they were staring me in the face- MAN LEGS! I had to sit up a little bit to make sure it was really him on the table. I strained to see his face and yep there was my little tiny boy, but then these man legs … I don’t get it!

How does a kid grow so fast and you don’t even know it? How did I miss this? So many days I look at my kids and wish I could do it all again, not necessarily to change anything but to watch it again for a second time. The second time around I’ll be looking for the man legs and I just know I’ll catch them as soon as they latch on to my little boy.

Speaking of man legs, I’m supposed to take this little tiny boy to get a job. He and his man legs are growing up and I didn’t give them permission I assure you!

**note to self watch those kids a little closer, get heavy books for their heads!

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