Friday, September 12, 2008

kids + me = chaos

Tonight was sheer chaos! There are not enough words to explain it all but when I am taking one kid here, another kid there, feeding one kid so she’s not grouchy and wondering if one kid, the first kid, the one with the man legs got where he was suppose to go it’s chaos!

My husband and I call the kids “kid 1” (first born boy) he’s 16, “kid 2” (first born girl) she’s 14, “kid 3” (second born boy) he’s 12 and “kid 4” (second born girl) she’s 4. When we are out and one of our cell phones ring whoever is getting the call says to the other; “call one, kid 3”, and by the end of the night believe me we are saying “call eight, kid 2”. It’s our secret language, we always understand the code.

So tonight I was taking kid 2 and 3 plus friends to the mall. I also always have kid 4 because she is too young to do anything without me. Kid 3 was going to the movie with his friends, but is really too young to leave at the movies alone. So I talked kid 2 and her friends into going too. So that left kid 4 and me hanging out in the mall while they were in the movie. All along kid 1 was at his girlfriend’s house watching a movie- bless them for taking a kid off my hands! I spent the night running kids around everywhere, dropping friends off, picking up kid 1 the whole time kid 4 was really fading and turning into a very sleepy girl!

So the whole reason for this blog was this- there was a time when things were much easier, when this very tired mom of 4 kids was not running herself ragged while her husband was on vacation… LOL I only said that for you honey! He’s actually doing Navy things, whatever those things are…. This is a picture of me when life was simple.

*note to self- pretend to be asleep when kid 1, 2, 3 and 4 wake up and start talking to me!

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