Thursday, September 11, 2008

Congratulations to ME!

I’m married! Or…. Errr…. I was married? Okay I digress.

Actually I fell in love with a man 18 years ago. The second I saw him I knew I would marry him. I couldn’t have known how it would all go down and I will spare you the whole story. I fell in love with him on the top of a mountain in a little tiny cement building. We went for a long hike and ditched our friends so we could be together and …. Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone, we ditched them so we could KISS! I can still close my eyes and see what he was wearing and exactly what he looked like. I can still feel the way he felt when he kissed me. I can’t tell you what the beautiful view looked like though, I have no idea. I know it was beautiful but all I could see was him.

We got married a year later, we have had 4 birth children and many other children we have fallen in love with. We have been Mr. and Mrs. B (my maiden name starts with ‘B’ too) for 17 years but I have never changed my name. I kept my maiden name for several reasons. I was too young to get married and was afraid to change my name, it was too much of a pain to change it, and…. And here’s the big one…. I didn’t want to part with the little social security card that had MY name on it. You may already know… I don’t do change well.

Mr. B has never given me a hard time about it. He knows I don’t do change well, I think he secretly wishes I would change it. I thought a good compromise would be for us to just pick a new name but that’s a story for another blog…

Congratulations to me! I am now officially Mrs. B! Yesterday while Mr. B is out of town I got my drivers license, and my social security card with my new name on them. As soon as the lady behind the counter took my social security card with MY name, wrote void and sent it to the paper shredder I almost passed out…. I could barely see. I told you! I don’t take change well. She handed me a piece of paper and told me two weeks…. And that was that.

I’m married to Mr. B! I’m in love with Mr. B and now we have matching names… isn’t that SO cute?! Believe it or not we even have four little people that have those names too! How lucky are we?

After a day of changing names, and just change period I came home to these!

(Thank you Mr. B, I love you -from the official MRS B).

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