Sunday, September 14, 2008

crazed animal

Do you ever feel like this (pictured above) at the end of a weekend? I don’t mean any regular weekend. I mean the kind of weekend when your kids have kid after kid over, the kind of weekend where kid 1 through 3 cannot get enough from you? Have you ever thought maybe if you took kid 4 and went to a hotel and let kid 1 through 3 just keep it all- have the house, the food, anything they want- just leave me out of it?

I had this exact weekend. I am just now recovering from this exact weekend right this minute. I am taking kid 3 to lunch because through all the chaos, he is so easy going. He went to a friend’s house and then wanted to go to a football game and I said no. I think kid 3 is too young to go a high school football game alone with his friends. He came home without a fuss. You will learn through reading that kid 3 is the easiest going person on the planet. He deserves a lunch out with his mom and kid 1 and 2 are cleaning up the aftermath of their weekend.

Kid 2 has a ridiculous project due at school. Can I just say…. What good will it do my 9th grader to plan her wedding? What will she learn from this? There is NO budget, no rubric, only lists and lists of things she needs prices of. What is this project teaching kid 2? Kid 2 spent hours and hours this weekend with her friends doing this project and is it done…. NOPE!

Really I say all this rambling about kids and school to say I feel like the dog at the top of the page… like a crazed animal and am ready to snap. I wonder if I will still look like this when Mr. B comes home on Saturday. Do you think I’ll scare him if I smile and my teeth still look like this? Poor Mr. B I might have moved out before he ever gets back. Don’t worry, I’ll give him my room number and I’ll take kid 4.

**note to self next time Mr. B goes out of town, stow away in his bag!

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