Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coupon Idiot (AKA me)

Okay, so I’m a coupon idiot! I am trying to do a budget. I’m trying to stick to my budget. A few years ago Mr. B and I took a budgeting and finance class, we loved it! WE have never started it. It’s hard to get started. You feel like if you can’t do it all at once why try…. Not true. Just do a little at a time. We are at step 1 and finally starting with food. There are 6 in our family and I want to stay at 200 a week, 800 a month.

This is where the coupon idiot-ness comes in people! I think- Hey, I’ve never used coupons, its instant savings, why not try right? WRONG! I dig up the coupons my mom has sent me over the past few months go through them; spend all day looking for coupons online (which is no easy task!) I get my list and I head out to the store. While I’m there I find other coupons, some even better coupons I am feeling so proud and a little embarrassed. Okay here is the bad part- I get to the check out… I present her the coupons… I tell her that I am a first time coupon user (too much information)…. And then start unloading my groceries. The cashier hands me back MOST of the coupons and the conversation goes like this-

Cashier- You know these coupons are expired?
Coupon idiot (AKA-me) - WHAT? No I don’t think they are.
Cashier- They expired in 3 of 08!
Coupon idiot- WHAT? No….. Wait…. Has that month already happened? (Yes I swear, I said that out loud)
Cashier- uuuuuhhhhh….. Yeah lady we’ve already had March!
Coupon idiot- oh yeah….! Oh yeah! Okay, yeah that’s my birthday month (again with the too much information!) followed by intense nervous laughter….

Can you even believe it? I’m not sure they are going to ever let me use coupons again! I mean really “Has that month already happened?” What does that even mean? I promise you I am not that dumb(usually)! I was so embarrassed but had to hold my head high because I mean after all I did get some other good deals right?

NOT SO MUCH here’s what I ended up with-

String cheese- coupon expired-kid allergic to milk products
Poise pads- NOT FOR PERIOD! (I’m sitting very uncomfortable right now!) (and who knew they were for incontinence ((don’t tell me if you knew?))
Cascade dish soap- I have two new ones already
4 boxes of cereal- again need I mention the milk allergy?
7 candy bars-I took my kid with me (she’s a teenager)
Toilet paper –expired coupon, not the brand I like
A 257 dollar total- ABOVE MY BUDGET!

Seriously the list goes on!

So is it worth using coupons if you’re a coupon idiot? I’M GONNA GO WITH … NO!!


Foursons said...

You know- I used to cut coupons and then soon realized that the store brand stuff was still cheaper then the name brand with a coupon.

Kmama said...

Hopping over from Once Upon a Miracles TST linky. I just bust out laughing at the Poise pads. I promise I *won't* tell you that I knew they were for incontinence. LOL!!