Friday, December 31, 2010

How did you spend your Christmas day?

This is Kid1's last Christmas at home. Last Christmas as my little boy, a child at home. I can't believe he is grown. It just seems like a few days ago that he was just a little boy, playing with the paper, barely able to tear the paper, having no idea what Christmas was about… he's a grown up now. :(

Kid2 is on her way out too! FOR pete's sakes- my kids are growing TOO fast! She is at a fun and challenging age. She got a car for Christmas, which was sad because she wasn't furiously opening gifts… she was thrilled with her car, but her momma wanted to see her tear into boxes and throw paper… this growing up thing is sad.

My sweet kid3, he's home to stay. Having him home for good feels wonderful. We were just not whole without him. Seriously he is THE CUTEST THING EVER. This kid, kid3 will ALWAYS be the baby. He is so sweet, so kind and such a joy to have around.

My little love, my sweet goosey girl is SUCH a blessing to have around. The sounds of ripping paper, the sights of doll shoes, doll clothes, little girly books, necklaces and lipgloss is pure heaven on Christmas morning. She was the focus of our morning, the cream in our coffee, the carol in our hearts this Christmas morning…

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