Sunday, December 12, 2010

little STREP THROAT to make the weekend bright.

This little birdie pie is a sick girly!
She and I are waiting in the Urgent care clinic as I type.
I think she has strep throat… poor little baby.
She has a headache, she has a major case of the CRIES.
She is sleeping a little less at night and little more during the day.
I brought her a DVD player and guess what?
She wants to do math instead- wow- I hope that lasts!
Poor little sick goosey pie, I hope she gets better soon.
Shes so droopy when she's sick- it's a sad day when this merry little girl is puny.
Kid4, I hope you feel better and are back to your bouncy little self ASAP!

UPDATE- definitely strep
(and a little wheezing)

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