Friday, December 10, 2010

a relatively bad day

I had one of those days that would probably be best if it just ended…it’s not that my day was terrible… my days are never terrible. I think a bad day is relative thing. A bad day to me and a bad day to you could be very different.

All day my heart sank when I thought of Mr. B. leaving. So far it’s the little things that I am freaking out about… maybe it’s all 300,000 of the little things? WHO is going to put the sheets on the beds? (I DID tell you that Mr. B. was the official sheet putter on-er….. right?) Who is going to clean the kitchen after dinner? Who is going to read book after book to Kid4? Who is going to take care of the kids’ million questions when I have had enough at the end of the day? Who is going to put their foot down about grades, talking back and messy rooms? Who is going to point out that I need new tires? Who will mow the lawn? And 299,992 things?

I do realize this could be worse… I have some VERY EXCITING things to look forward to while Mr. B. is gone, you will be SO surprised when I tell you the things I have to look forward too. (or maybe you won’t be…. Who knows!)

Wish me luck as I dive into the endeavor and more importantly please keep Mr. B, in your thoughts as he defends our country for a year and misses some VERY big milestones!

Honey, I already can’t wait for you to get back and your not even gone yet!


Brandi said...

Mr. B will be in my prayers everyday... and you and the kiddos as well.

Hey, you get to have control of the remote? ;)

Ashley said...

Thanks Brandi- yes, there ARE a few positives… like the WHOLE bed to myself… LOL :)

~k~ said...

I, Batgirl, do hereby solemnly swear to HELP put the sheets on the bed, answer SOME of the questions, tell someone else to mow the grass, assign dishes to a kid, and give them all the evil eye over talking back.


wabisabigirl said...

Batgirl sounds like a true friend!! Wish I could be closer:)